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Rooted in Maine, we cultivate trailblazers. 

We provide an accepting, nourishing space for our students to grow. Our students discover their potential, find their own path, and create trails bold enough that others might follow. Here, you'll learn to collaborate with people of all backgrounds, navigate social networks, prioritize your health, and adapt to new challenges. Those skills will prove their worth on any campus and in any career.

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Hebron Academy

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Hebron Academy is among the nation's oldest endowed boarding schools.  

Chartered in 1804, Hebron's doors opened to students in 1805. From the beginning, we have been an inclusive, supportive educational community that values individuality and respects individual differences. 

Today, that tradition continues.

Our mission and core values have remained consistent with the school's original charter: that Hebron students be taught liberal arts and sciences and educated to revere life and to respect and honor individuality. 

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At Hebron, you can be who you want to be.