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Hebron Academy 2021-2022

Community Plan

Update - May 26,2022

Commencement, Baccalaureate, and end of year festivities.

Because of projected rain and the possibility of lightning, we have changed some of our end of year plans.

Baccalaureate will be held outside in front of the former Hupper Library, now the Learning Commons, on Friday, May 27 at 4pm. Parking is available at the Williams Center parking lot. 

Senior Dinner, which is a by invitation event, will take place as planned.

Commencement will be held in the Williams Center. Masks are recommended based on Covid rates in Oxford County which are at a high level as defined by the CDC. Parents and all guests should enter by the parking lot doors. Masks will be provided for those who have not brought them. From the Academy, only seniors, PGs and select faculty and staff will attend. Underclasspeople will participate in pre-Commencement traditions and then will watch the ceremony live streamed from a campus location.

Breakfast before commencement has been canceled. Water will be available throughout the day and refreshments will be served after Commencement.

Following Commencement, refreshments will be served outside by the Victory Bell, once again, pending weather conditions.

During Commencement and Baccalaureate, campus buildings are closed to guests, and parents and families may not access campus facilities for any reason except as permitted specific hours of student move-out from the dormitories. Parents and guests may use designated restrooms in the Williams Center only.

Parents will be permitted in the dormitories between 11am and 1pm to assist students with moving out. Please wear a mask.

For questions, please contact Heidi Collins at

The parents, students, faculty and staff of Hebron Academy support a safe and successful year of learning and school experience through our commitment to be a fully vaccinated community. We are here, in place, and ready to make the most of the opportunity ahead.

As a school, our intention is to make the best decisions for our community based on the most recent and accurate data available from the CDC and State of Maine CDC, in conjunction with the opinions of our experts and consultants. Our decisions will be informed, timely, and with the sole purpose of creating the best environment for our students so that they may have a safe, joyous and relatively normal school experience. 

In order to provide the best experience for our students, we ask for the continued partnership of our Hebron community of parents, students, alumni, faculty, staff, visitors and friends. 


As a member of the Hebron Academy community, I acknowledge my role in protecting the health and well being of all of us. For that stated purpose, I will abide by the following:

1. I will follow Hebron’s policies for health and safety, along with other regular school policies;

2. I will follow Hebron’s Visitor Policy for parent visitations and any other permitted campus visitors;

3. I will follow guidelines for weekend and vacation travel, with full knowledge that my choices may have a direct impact on the health and well being of my peers and colleagues, and I will follow the return to campus protocols;

4. I will wear a mask when in public spaces or in proximity to potentially unvaccinated individuals with full understanding that this one act is the best way to protect the school experience for myself and the entire community.

5. I understand that if I am not able to act in the best interests of the community, I may be asked to step away from Hebron Academy to ensure the safety of others.

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