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Hebron Academy Parents Association is Looking for New Members

The entire HAPA Board would like to say Thank you to Wendy Younk and Steve English for all the hard work they have put in over the years as Parents and Executive Board Members of HAPA.  We wish them both the best on their next adventures and hope to see them at future Hebron events.  We would also like to Thank Board Member - Wendi Bourgoin for all of her help and hard work over the years.

Introducing the 54th Acting Head of School

We are excited to introduce our 54th Acting Head of School, Mary Warner. This is an exciting time for the Hebron Community as she serves as our first woman Head of School in our 217-year history. Please join us in welcoming Mary as she enters her new role.

Global Classroom

The Global Classroom Program will stand as a cornerstone of Hebron Academy's commitment to experiential learning. During the upcoming academic year, we will provide three optional academic explorations where students and faculty will embark on educational opportunities in various locations throughout the world. 

Introducing Hebron Webinar Wednesdays

We invite prospective and returning students, parents and interested Hebron friends to attend our Wednesday webinars designed to guide and prepare you for our next academic year.  Hear from our community about arrival protocols, course registration, athletic offerings and how you will become your best at Hebron Academy.

Introducing our New Program: Exploration (X) Blocks:

Thursday afternoons at Hebron bring a break from the usual class routine, with one long "X Block" rather than three shorter class periods. X Blocks are an opportunity for students to get their hands dirty with experiential activities, both off and on campus, that reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.

Laura Butera

We are happy to introduce Lara Butera, owner of International Student Support and a trusted friend of Hebron Academy. Lara has been an outstanding collaborator with Hebron Academy since the summer of 2019, when she became our local guardian, helping to support Hebron students who were required to quarantine or isolate off-campus due to COVID.  


“I can’t wait to start at Hebron Academy! I started skating on the HA rink when I was three years old; I am looking forward to skating on the same rink as a Lumberjack in the fall.

  • Athletics

At Hebron Academy we want to promote a healthy lifestyle for all of our students. In today's social media and digitally driven information, it becomes very hard to distinguish between fact, fiction and reality. Nutrition and healthy eating is no exception. What is healthy eating? What is good and what is bad for you? Supplements? Vitamins? 

Strength and Condition
  • Athletics

I hope all of you are enjoying the start of the summer with your family, friends, and relatives. Within this newsletter I wanted to highlight and make sure that all students are getting outside, enjoying the wonderful weather and staying active. As a reminder we should all be completing at least 45 to 60 minutes of daily activity.

When Should You Take Supplements?
  • Science

Dr. Sedgwick’s article last week on nutrition for your teenage athlete was such good advice. And it is good advice for all our students- nutrition for their growth, the growth we see (time for new shoes!) and the growth we do not physically see ( the brain is not fully developed until age 25) is so very important.  What they put in their body daily has an impact today, next week and into adulthood, in some cases.

FAQ about Supplements

Over the past year and especially this summer I have received numerous questions regarding supplements, Pre-Workout, and other performance supplementations. I will try to highlight a few key areas and provide objective answers and researched data in regards to these questions. 

Why Sleep is Important!

While most athletes know that training and practice improve your performance, and even that nutrition plays a key role, there are still many students who underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep.   One of my favorite coaches many years ago had a great saying; “You don’t get stronger by training, you get stronger by resting AFTER you train”.

Cullen Lacey

"It's a pleasure to go to Hebron this year. Hebron was my first choice and I'm thrilled to get to further challenge myself on an educational and athletic level. Going from the city to the mountains will definitely be an experience, but I look forward to the change of pace. I look forward to befriending students from all different cultures and backgrounds. I'm also excited to learn how to ski."

New Student Profile: Lili-Marie Schmidt

"I am not only very excited about being able to attend extraordinary courses and to go Mountain biking or Skiing multiple times a week at Hebron Academy, but also to experience the American boarding school life and to get to know all students and teachers at Hebron Academy."

Michael Tholen and Bear

We are excited to announce that we have updated our Faculty Webpage on our website.  We had a lot of fun with the pictures and love the new design!  Let us know what you think!

Nutrition and the High School Athlete

Sports nutrition is one of the most common topics I am asked to weigh in on by athletes of all ages. For the high school athlete, there is often a lot of misunderstanding and poor information available about how to keep your body running with the best amount and type of fuel available. You train hard, try to sleep well, and try to stay fit over the summer to get ready for the fall. 

New Student Profile: Emilio Dominguez

My name is Emilio Domínguez I am 14 years old I live in Mexico City. I like sports, especially soccer, football and Formula 1. Every time there is a game or Grand Prix, I do everything to watch it! I also like hanging out with people and being surrounded by people I like most of the time.

Summer Workout Introduction

hope all of you are enjoying the start of the summer with your family, friends, and relatives. Within this newsletter, I wanted to highlight and make sure that all students are getting outside, enjoying the wonderful weather, and staying active. As a reminder, we should all be completing at least 45 to 60 minutes of daily activity. The goal should be to complete an activity that elevates your resting heart rate to achieve maximum results. 

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