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Commencement 2021

Commencement 2021

On Saturday, May 15, 2021 sixty-two members of the class of 2021 graduated from Hebron Academy. Throughout the year, whether students were in person or learning remotely, the class of '21 led the community in finding ways to make this an exciting and fun year. 

All-School Awards

Hebron Cup: Emmett Toshiro Grover
Riseman Award: Samantha Geri Margaret Blair
Phemister Award: Mathias Real Ouellet
Wheeler Award: Olivia Ann Newell
Sherman Award: Margaret Mason Skelton
Tate Award: Youer Wu
Leyden Award: Julien Lee Lemont

Special Senior Awards

Senior Scholarship Prize: Minghua Zhang
Lepage Scholarship: Amelia Grace Skelton
Richard Tyler Scholarship: Kaila Marie Mank
Bernat Award: Kaila Marie Mank
Lorimer Prize: Jie Chen
Outdoor Leadership: Minghua Zhang and Karin Okada
Social Justice: Katherine Grace Ducharme

Athletic Awards

Dwyer Award: Brody Robert Hathorne
Athletic Prize: Vincent Fugere
Bessie Fenn: Samantha Geri Margaret Blair
Reed Award (male): Creven Arthur Ferguson
Reed Award (female): Amelia Grace Skelton

Academic Excellence Awards

Art Size: Alaina Margaret Bonis
English Prize: Kaila Marie Mank
French Prize: Vincent Fugere
History/Social Sciences: Jie Chen
Math Prize: Minghua Zhang and Youer Wu
Music: Cora Lee Younk
Sciences: Emmett Grover, Minghua Zhang 
Spanish: Margaret Mason Skelton and Amelia Grace Skelton