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Hebron Academy Introduces Ensemble!

Hebron Academy Introduces Ensemble!

This year chorus and orchestra will join forces and become a singular group called “Ensemble". 

Due to the safety concerns regarding singing and playing woodwind/brass instruments, we will combine these two groups to focus on musical content beyond performance practice. Although indoor group rehearsals will not happen this year for Ensemble or HBGB’s, music-making will still occur for both groups. 

Depending on the instrumentation, Jazz/Rock Band may be able to have rehearsals that look a little more similar to previous years’ rehearsals, while observing mask-wearing and social distancing protocols. Even though rehearsals cannot look exactly like they did last year, we have plans in place to allow our students to safely rehearse. 

Some of the protocols we plan to implement for this group include: 

  • outdoor rehearsals
  • rehearsals through Zoom and other online platforms
  • asynchronous rehearsals with practice tracks

With the new restrictions placed on us regarding these activities, we are still excited to have the unique opportunity to spend time on aspects of musicianship that may not be reached in a typical chorus or orchestra class.

This class will teach the essentials of musicianship that will be valuable throughout the lives of every player and singer. Students will learn foundations of music theory beyond their current skills in notational literacy, work on aural skills through ear training, explore critical listening skills through examination and analysis of influential choral and orchestral works, and will develop strategies for healthy performance practice that do not necessarily require singing or playing.

Our goal is to help further educate our musicians in ways that are not always based on performance but are still crucial to learn for all developing musicians.

The music faculty at Hebron are excited for this year and are dedicated to providing a music education that is engaging, enriching, and fulfilling under these unique circumstances!