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Hebron Academy Screening of I'm Not Racist... Am I? Documentary

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On Thursday, in cohort groups, students watched I'm Not A Racist Am I?.

I'm Not Racist... Am I? is a feature documentary following a diverse group of teens through a yearlong exploration to get at the heart of racism. Through some tense and painful moments, we see how these difficult conversations affect their relationships with friends and parents, and ultimately challenge them to look deep within themselves.

By the end of their time together, we’ll see these remarkable young people develop deeper bonds, a stronger resolve and a bigger, more significant definition of racism than any of us ever imagined.

Hebron has viewing rights to the film until Saturday afternoon and we invite you to watch the movie. Please follow this link for screening access.

In addition, one of the film's producers André Robert Lee will be joining us (virtually) for an all-school event on Monday morning. 

André Robert Lee’s is a Keynote Speaker and Consultant around issues related to Anti-Racism, Inclusion and Diversity for educational and corporate institutions. He is also a Film Maker and uses his films in his keynotes and presentations.

André’s experiences includes Many Things; New York City Public Schools, The Ford Foundation, Miramax Films, Urbanworld, Film Movement, Diana Ross, BET, Universal, HBO, Picturehouse, and Dreamworks.

Racism, be it implicit or unintentional, exists and it affects people's lives in immeasurable ways. Educational opportunities, employment opportunities, housing opportunities, criminal justice, health care, etc. are all impacted by our collective inabilities to see past our assumptions and stereotypes. Our history, our laws, the very fabric of our society is impacted by bias.

Thank you for your continued support of this work, and for your willingness to embark on what may feel like uncharted territory. We are not going to solve racism tomorrow, but if we can begin the conversation, that's a start.