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#HebronStrong Day 2020

#HebronStrong Day 2020

On Friday, October 16th students were given the day off from classes for a #HebronStrong day.

The day began with a virtual workshop with Laura Eiman, Olympic gold medalist and mental toughness coach.

Students were then asked to come up with a big dream/vision for themselves, and to complete the following sentence: 

"I am #HebronStrong. I plan to ... / Watch as I ... / Someday I will ..." 

Students wrote down their dream/vision and then decorated as they saw fit. They shared their dream with the group (if they were comfortable doing so), and explained one step they planned to take to get closer to that vision. 
The second half of the day was filled with activities that required some degree of mental toughness. Students were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Activity options included:

  • Rock climbing with Ms. Feigenbaum 
  • Canoeing with Ms. Paulson and Mr. Flynn
  • Trail work (a.k.a. being an actual Lumberjack) with Mr. Marchetti
  • High-intensity workout challenge with Mr. Brooks and Mr. O'Brien
  • Improv acting and dance with Mrs. Midd and Ms. Farber
  • Meditation with Mrs. Miller
  • Trail running with Mrs. Marchetti
  • Latin dance with Mr. Nunez
  • Mystery activity with Mrs. Paul and Ms. Carton 

In spite of the rainy day, students embraced being #HebronStrong and had a blast! You can see more photos from the day here.

You can learn more about Laura Eiman here.

   Laura Eiman