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Introducing Lara Butera, Student Guardian

Laura Butera

We are happy to introduce Lara Butera, owner of International Student Support and a trusted friend of Hebron Academy. Lara has been an outstanding collaborator with Hebron Academy since the summer of 2019, when she became our local guardian, helping to support Hebron students who were required to quarantine or isolate off-campus due to COVID.  Always friendly and positive, she goes above and beyond to ensure that our students are optimally supported while in her care.

Lara has built her career in international education having lived and worked abroad for seven years before returning to the US in 2019.  Lara’s personal and professional experiences as an educational consultant have allowed her to clearly identify and deeply understand the unique needs of students and their families, whether they are looking for a school or currently attending. In addition to her work in the field of educational consulting, she started a guardianship company in order to fill a need she saw in the market, ensuring that students and families were well supported and cared for once at their respective schools and that they had someone to turn to for any questions, guidance, or assistance.

We are thrilled that Lara will be able to continue in her role as our local guardian for the upcoming academic year for any student who does not have family or family friends close enough to help facilitate an off-campus quarantine or isolation.  She will also be assisting us in our early return for unvaccinated students.

Please feel free to reach out to the Director of Health Services, Deb Traub, with any questions you have about Lara and her team’s services or about designating Lara as your student’s local guardian when completing the Departure Plan form in the Magnus Student Health Forms.