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Meet our Faculty

Meet our Faculty

"I am originally from the Midwest, then lived in New England, where my first experience with boarding school life was as a dorm parent along with my husband of 40 years.  We lived in New Mexico for 26 years then moved back to New England, first to Connecticut, where I returned to the same boarding school as a staff nurse, then Director of Wellness.  From there, my husband and I  moved  to Maine, which we love.  

We have four grown kids, 3 boys and a girl (two of them went to boarding schools) and now have three bonus daughters and an amazing grandson.  And of course my two fur babies, Biggie Smalls and Pippa, who come to work with me daily.

I love sports, especially college sports.  My favorite is college football (Go Navy) and hockey (Go Bruins, Go CC Tigers).  All four of my kids played hockey and my husband coached and was a ref.  My husband and I annually go to the Frozen Four and have since 1995. Yep, we are those people.

I love working at boarding schools and especially Hebron Academy.  It is hard to describe how much I learn from my students and fellow faculty and staff daily.  The positive attitude and growth I see in the students and my amazing staff at the health centers help keep me motivated and invigorated."

Deb Traub

Director of Health Services