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Parent Huddle: Rebounding from Texts, Posts, and Jokes that Cross the Line

Parent Huddle: Rebounding from Texts, Posts, and Jokes that Cross the Line

This week, our community at Hebron Academy focused on rebounding from texts, posts, and jokes that cross the line. We discussed:

  • Reflecting our values and character in what we text
  • Identifying ways to confront a social media post that crosses the line
  • Owning our mistakes and learning how to grow from them

Time permitting and only to the extent you feel comfortable, consider continuing the conversation, and huddling about these topics as a family. Here are some questions you can pose to everyone in the family:

  • 1: This week’s lesson opened with a discussion about the importance of reflecting our values and character when texting. We’ve all experienced situations where we’ve tried texting or posting something that didn’t clearly communicate what we intended. What are some examples of family topics that are better suited for an in-person conversation, rather than via text? What are the negatives of having private conversations over text?
  • 2: Why is it so easy for things to be misinterpreted online or over text messages? Brainstorm three helpful strategies that might help in clearing up any confusion over posts or texts. For example, you could read a text out loud before hitting send to make sure that it sounds OK.
  • 3: This week’s lesson included a scenario about posting a joke about a teacher that crossed the line and what to do afterward. How might our response change if the offensive joke that went too far was instead about a friend or family member? If a friend or family member posted a joke about you that went too far, how might you want them to learn from it?

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