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Ringing the Bell-Hebron Academy's Podcast

Ringing the Bell-Hebron Academy's Podcast

Ringing the Bell Episode #3: What does Collegiate Success Look Like?

Welcome to Ringing the Bell, a podcast coming to you live from Hebron Academy.  I am your host Ian Tovell, and I am very excited to be here with you all today.  We will be talking about the College Application process and what does success look like?  

I am joined by 3 gentlemen, who I think it is safe to say have decades of experience between them all in this particular field.  I am joined by Patrick Colonna who is the Director of College Counseling at Hebron Academy.  I am also joined by Robert McCullough who is the Dean of Admissions at Case Western Reserve University, and Henry Squire who is currently at the University of California, Berkeley, and graduated from Case Western in 2020.