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The Brooks & Barr Show

The Brooks & Barr Show

You may know Mr. Caddy Brooks as the boys' varsity lacrosse coach and Mr. Danny Barr as the Director of College Counseling, but you might not know that this dynamic duo has been not-so-quietly taking Instagram by storm with their podcast, the Brooks & Barr Show. We've been enjoying the episodes (epis, for those in the know) for weeks, so we reached out to find out more about the show's humble beginnings.

Why did you create the Brooks & Barr Show?

We joked about starting a podcast since the beginning of the school year. On a regular basis, we would get together and talk about happenings around school and, of course in our minds, we thought our material was funny.

When we moved to distance learning we saw an opportunity to keep the community together while also fulfilling a year-long dream! Our idea came to life in late March when we “dropped” our first Brooks and Barr episode. We are happy it has had a positive impact on the Hebron community and specifically the Class of 2020 during this difficult time. If it gives someone out there a chance to smile and connect with friends, then mission accomplished.

What has the response been?

It’s been unbelievable! It really has been beyond anything we expected when we put together ideas for the show in March. It’s just made us truly happy that the Hebron community has had fun with it and we do our best to make people laugh. After the first two episodes, I arrived at my middle school history class and I had a student tell me it was his favorite thing. I actually don’t think he was joking! I have had teachers tell me they play along with the games, students tell me their parents watch it every week, and parents share that their kids watch each episode multiple times! Students of all ages, from middle schoolers to PGs, told us the show was something they enjoyed, so it made us feel great knowing how special this community is even when apart.

What has been your favorite part of the show?

The students! That’s what it’s all about and why we do it. There’s so much going on in people’s lives right now, the fact we are able to direct this to our students all over the world and have them as a part of the show is absolutely what makes it worth it.

Thank you, Mr. Brooks and Mr. Barr!

Enjoy the show: