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Treasure Island: A Radio Play by HAMS Students

Treasure Island: A Radio Play by HAMS Students

The HAMS Players decided to produce a radio show this year since we were not able to perform for a live audience. The company chose Ruth Giordano’s direct adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic pirate tale for its action and adventure. We felt that taking on these scurvy knaves was a good diversion from the ongoing slog through our current lives in the midst of restrictive pandemic protocols that would not allow us to practice and perform on a stage. 

With twenty-one characters in the show and only eight actors in our company, all but one actor played multiple roles, varying their voices to fit the different characters. Creating sound effects was an additional challenge and a source of great fun. Some sounds, such as gunshots and cannon fire, were produced with resources online while others were generated with common materials such as water bottles and velcro. The music used to mark the beginning, scene changes and the end are from The Pirates of the Caribbean and Yo Ho Ho (and a Bottle of Rum). The final recorded performance of the radio show was accomplished in two sessions with a short break in between in front of a  small audience of students from The Hebron Academy Players. The HAMS Players not only owned their characters, but also juggled their lines and their sound effects assignments with aplomb, improvising and problem solving as needed to keep the show on pace. 

Sit back in a comfortable chair, let your imagination run, and enjoy our rendition of Treasure Island: A Radio Play

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