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Upper School Update Week 8

Upper School Update Week 8

This week has shown us what the fall weather can do in Maine! As someone new to this area, I’ve loved seeing the range that the climate has to offer: frost, intense and amazing fog, drizzle and rain all day, cool crisp mornings that lead to afternoons when you want to sit outside and soak up the sun… The leaves are mostly finished turning color, and have fallen to the ground. They sound like little drums when the rain hits them – it’s a comforting white noise as you fall asleep or gently wake up in the morning. 

Wet afternoons have meant that sports practices pull indoors and students do more cross-training with weights or yoga. Coaches get creative around drills that can happen in a non-traditional space for their sport. Games are still on, though! I’m looking forward to the girls’ soccer game at home on Saturday – and the boys play at home (4:00) on Monday. Good luck to field hockey away on Friday and cross country in their meet on Saturday, too. If you know a Middle School soccer player, ask them how their last game of the season went this week. 

If you haven’t seen the photos from last weekend’s canoeing trip on social media, it’s worth a look to find them. This is a gorgeous time of year to be outdoors, and that overnight sounds like it was quite the experience! Look for additional outdoor trips throughout the year. This weekend, a small group is heading out hiking and camping. Other weekend activities center around the Halloween weekend starting with trick or treating tonight as some of our Upper School students are hosting candy stops for young faculty children on campus. 

BOARDING STUDENTS: we are still waiting for 46 students to respond to the Thanksgiving travel forms – please ask your child about following through with their communication about break travel! We want to make sure that we can coordinate transportation to airports as needed – and to know when students are expected to be back on campus. 

Happy fall, everyone!