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Welcome to the Hebron Review

Welcome to the Hebron Review

We are excited to introduce our community to the Hebron Review blog.  It is a student-run blog.  Here is a message from the Editor, Nola Goodwin. 

Welcome to The Hebron Review! My name is Nola Goodwin, and this will be my first year as editor! The Hebron Review is Hebron’s student-run publication, where we publish all kinds of student writing, from poetry to fiction to current events. Alongside, of course, some amazing artwork and photography from members of the Hebron community. We hope to be able to release a hard copy at some point, in addition to our online blog! 

You will notice at the bottom of the page where all the social media buttons are there is now a button to go directly to the Hebron Review.  

We hope you enjoy reading this throughout the year.