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Improvements to Hebron Academy Trail Network

Improvements to Hebron Academy Trail Network

For the past two Saturdays, a small group of Hebron community members has gathered to do socially distanced trail work on the Hebron campus. They have cleared and reopened over two miles of single track for mountain biking. They have also started cutting a new trail that travels from Old County Road, above the orchard, and winds its way to the inlet of the upper bog before returning uphill to Old County Road. The trail work has been a great way to socialize while working near each other at a safe distance, as well as giving back to the community and getting some much-needed exercise.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed their time and energy to the effort!

Mr. Tim Bonis
Mr. Alex Godomsky
Ethan and Dan Godomsky
Mrs. Courtney Marchetti
Mr. Dan Marchetti
Lila & Ollie Marchetti
Mr. Gabe Miller
Mr. Sean Savignano
Mr. Mike Tholen

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