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Skiing and Snowboarding Information for Winter 2022-2023

Skiing and Snowboarding Information for Winter 2022-2023

It's a beautiful and warm, autumn day in Maine- sunny and 65 degrees, but winter is coming, and that means skiing and snowboarding season is upon us! In this document you will find updates to our snow sport programs, crucial information about our skiing and snowboarding options as a winter sport, and the corresponding fees. 

This year our students will ski and snowboard at Pleasant Mountain (formerly known as Shawnee Peak) on Wednesdays and Fridays. The move from Sunday River to Pleasant Mountain was not an easy one, but ultimately moving to Pleasant Mountain affords our students more time on the slopes. With night skiing every day of the week our students will be able to safely ski or snowboard into the early evening hours whereas in years past students were forced off the mountain at 3:45 at the latest. Likewise, on the weekends, we will send most of our trips to Pleasant Mountain with occasional outings to surrounding New England mountains like Sunday River, and Sugarloaf. Because of the frequency of our trips, every skier and snowboarder will be equipped with a Pleasant Mountain season pass. Pleasant Mountain has partnered with Hebron Academy to provide discounted season passes to our students, and we will facilitate the purchasing of those passes, and charge each student account after the passes have been purchased. 

We have two programs for our skiers and snowboarders this year: Alpine Ski Racing and Recreational Skiing and Snowboarding. Please read below to learn about each program and understand the costs associated with them.

Alpine Ski Racing:

If your child joins the Alpine Ski team they will train at Lost Valley on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays and on Wednesdays and Fridays will either take part in races or free ski at Pleasant Mountain.  It’s OK if your child may not have had previous racing experience, but as a ski team member they agree to train and ski gates with the team each day with the goal of entering races. Depending on popularity, we may have to limit the number of student athletes on the team. 

 Who should choose this option?  Current racers, as well as anyone serious about learning to ski race.

 Who should NOT choose this option?  Anyone just hoping to “free ski” each day.

Cost:  There is a program fee for Alpine Skiing. If your child has ski equipment the cost is $550.00. If your child needs to rent ski equipment through the school the cost for the program is $775.00. The cost to join the ski team includes discounted season passes to Pleasant Mountain, training fees at Lost Valley and rental equipment costs if applicable.

Recreational Skiing and Snowboarding: 

If your child would like to ski or snowboard but does not want to compete, Recreational Skiing / Snowboarding is for them.  They will travel to Pleasant Mountain to ski/snowboard on Wednesdays and Fridays and Lost Valley on Thursdays. Likewise, they will have the option to ski and snowboard on the weekends during the winter months. 

 On Monday and Tuesday Recreational Skiers and Snowboarders will be on campus and involved with Winter Pursuits activities, which consist of winter hiking, sledding, snowshoeing, and nordic skiing. 

 Indoor activities include badminton, basketball, squash, rock-climbing, crossfit activities and possibly YOGA. 

Cost:  There is a program fee for Recreational Skiing / Snowboarding. Please see the options below…

  • If your child has their own equipment and a Lost Valley Season Pass the cost is $525.00.

  • If your child needs to rent skis or snowboard equipment through the school and has their own Lost Valley season pass the cost is $750.00.

  • If your child needs to rent ski or snowboard equipment AND purchase a Lost Valley thursday only ticket the cost for the program is $950.00. 

Included in each of the above costs is a discounted pass to Pleasant Mountain and a transportation fee. 

Please talk with your children this week to determine which option is the best fit. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, Caddy Brooks, at

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