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Hebron Academy Announces Fall 2020 Honor Roll* updated December 8th

Hebron Academy Announces Fall 2020 Honor Roll* updated December 8th

*Updated December 8th
It was brought to our attention that there were a few names missing from the honor roll. After double-checking and confirming, we have updated our Fall Honor Roll. A few names have been added, and others have moved from one honor level to another. Our sincerest apologies! 


Hebron Academy is happy to share the Upper School Fall 2020 Honor Roll!

The Honor Roll is published at the conclusion of each trimester. Students with an average of 3.7–4.0 are on the Highest Honor Roll. High Honors designation is for students with averages of 3.3–3.69, inclusive. Students whose averages are between 3.0 and 3.29 are designated Honors students. In effect, the Honor Roll designations reflect academic averages of B, B+ and A- or better.

Congratulations everyone!

Highest Honors

David Balas
Sammie Balfour
Samantha Blair
Alaina Bonis
Dylan Brand
Dominic Brunetti
Morgan Brussiere
Nolan Campbell
Yusheng Chen
Jie "Jolie" Chen
Jan Cosculluela Visauta
Katherine Ducharme
Sarah English
Anna Frumiento
Vincent Fugere
Laia Garay Zubia
Nola Goodwin
Julia Gregory
Calvin Grover
Emmett Grover
Mason Hatfield
Tucker Kenney
Daniel Kral
Izabel "Bella" Levina
Julia Lopo
Madita Loskamp
Marlene Luedeke
Kaila Mank
Ava Mantenuto
Sirus Minovi
Maja Mulley
Olivia Newell
Duy Pham Quang
Megan Seipp
Grace Skelton
Molly Skelton
Jacob Small
Hannah Sullivan
Caden Violette
Allison Wernick
Hannah White
Youer "Yuna" Wu
Cora Younk
Minghua "Andy" Zhang

High Honors

Daniela Amiga
Sia Anthony
Lillian Bergeron
Paige Bourgoin
Duncan Burnside
William Chateauvert
Jasper Curtis
Austin DeCoster
Connor DeCoster
Jean Descoteaux
Caden Dufour
Frederic Essiembre
Ethan Frumiento
Mauricio Garcia Macias
Wesley Gilpin
Xiangru "Aaron" Han
Mason Hatch
Brody Hathorne
Seoyeon "Wellin" Kim
Pedro Latasa
Yitong "Dylos" Lin
Carlos Lopez Garcia
Jack Madden
Frankie Majkowski
Tea Miles
Beatrice Money
Karin Okada
Mathias Ouellet
Forest Pelletier
Grace Petrocelli
Jeronimo Pintado Mariscal
James "Jamie" Ray
Kali Salazar-Perez
Ella Siegl
Valeriy Skoryk
Robert "Cotton" Strong
Trevor Swanbeck
Solomon Sweet
Nicolas Theodos
Jose Antonio Valdes Gonzalez
Yaoyang "Ray" Wang
Landon Wielki


David Andrews
Olivia Caggiano
Creven Ferguson
Isabella Gendron
Reon Hayakawa
Alejandra Kuri Noya
Jakob Lundstrom
Elizabeth Madden
Sahara McKay
Kristy Michaud
Emma Newell
Chukwuebuka "Ebuka" Okonkwo
Brennen Pike
Kai Proctor
Jakob von Klinggräff
Yiwen Wang
Rica Xin Hua Wong

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