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Looking for Potential Host Families

Looking for Potential Host Families

The most fulfilling experience an international student studying in the United States can have is the opportunity to spend time with an American host family during school vacations. To be in a home and share in the familial joy and love of daily activities, day trips, meals, or even sitting around in the evening telling stories or playing video games can leave lasting impressions and forever memories. It is not easy to be away from loved ones during the holidays. Time spent with a host family can make the international educational experience more intimate and enjoyable. 

Our international student population is fully vaccinated and tested regularly for Covid-19. If you would be interested in hosting an international student during the Winter Break (Dec. 17 - Jan. 3), or during Spring Break (Mar. 2 - Mar. 21), please contact our Admissions Office* at 207-966-5225 for more information.  

If you would like to learn more information or become a Host Family, please email:

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