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Hebron Announces Partnership with The Social Institute

Hebron Announces Partnership with The Social Institute

During times of social-emotional adjustment and increased stress, Hebron is stepping up our support system for students and parents.

Hebron is proud to announce a partnership with The Social Institute to provide weekly social-emotional learning opportunities to our entire community of in-person and remote learners through the #WinAtSocial program. These Social Emotional Learning blocks every Monday morning will offer fun and interactive small group discussions about important topics such as character and leadership development, balancing stress, using social media for good, and technology wellness. 

Parents will receive weekly email updates from their student's advisor about the SEL topic of the week, so they can stay engaged with this exciting initiative, and partner with us to support their student's social and emotional well-being. 

Here is the link for the Parent's Playbook Slide Deck, which provides a wonderful overview of the #WinAtSocial Program and our partnership with The Social Institute.

Please contact our team captain, Amanda Miller, with any questions:

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