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Ringing the Bell-Hebron Academy's Podcast

Ringing the Bell-Hebron Academy's Podcast

We are very excited to be bringing you this podcast which is all student-run.  Ms. Alt’s audio recording class is doing all of the recording and mastering and created the intro and outro music.

 Today, I will be joined by 3 other people who all have ties with Hebron.  We have Calvin Bates, who is the Entrepreneurship teacher this year.  Joining Mr. Bates is one of his current students, Rica Wong, who is in her Senior year.  And finally, we are welcoming back Katherine Ducharme, class of 2021.  Not only is she an entrepreneur, but she was also able to start a successful business in the middle of pandemics.  With her mom, she started KYHU which is a local food delivery service based in Marblehead, MA. 



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