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Student Profile: Emmett Grover '21

Student Profile: Emmett Grover '21

My favorite class was AP Biology with Dr. Swenton

My favorite trip was the senior overnight this fall at Fernwood cove

My favorite Hebron Memory was the Junior class activity, where Molly, Grace, Brody, and I canoed out to the island on Marshall Pond with some new students that would become amazing friends - shoutout to Mathias and Stina!

The biggest lesson I have learned is to appreciate the little things that we take for granted every day, whether that be attending classes in-person to being able to play sports. The pandemic has shown us that the world is an unpredictable place, and all we can do is to be grateful for what we have now.

My quote is: "I would like to thank all of the faculty who have pushed me to be better throughout my time here at Hebron, whether that be academically, personally, or emotionally stronger in the case of Mr. Paul."

Emmett will be attending Princeton University in the fall.


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