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Upper School Update 09/12-09/16

Upper School Update 09/12-09/16

Moving through our Days…

As we hit week two of school, students and teachers are hitting their strides. Add-drop is winding down and assessments are winding up. Students have a solid handle on their class expectations and it’s getting easier to remember what class is first each day. 

Sports games were tough this week and we’re proud of all our athletes for giving their all. Huge congratulations to the golf team for winning their first match! Check out the sports schedule for next week on the school website

Congratulations to the ninth grade on being the second grade level to earn opt-out of signing in for Free Blocks! We love that you’re demonstrating the needed responsibility and accountability to manage your time well. Good job. 

Boarding students are hard at work during study halls in the evenings – working quietly in their rooms, collaborating with floor mates in common spaces, and asking for help from their dorm parents. This week, I loved walking into a Kinesiology conversation on a dorm hallway. Mr. Vining and a student were in dynamic motion, discussing how we throw a ball, complete with full-body gestures and conversation about acceleration and follow-through, shoulder joint mobility, and scapular movement. 

All the adults at Hebron are so glad to get to know our students – none more so than our advisors. Keep an eye on your email for a message from your child’s advisor about the start of the year. Your child’s advisor is an excellent starting point for any question. You may already have connected with them or you may receive an email next week with an introduction.

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