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Upper School Updates Week 10

Upper School Updates Week 10

Maybe you’ve already heard this from your Lumberjack, but this week grades opened. When you log on to MyHebron and navigate to the Progress tab, students and their adults can now view cumulative grades for this semester. Teachers have been helping students understand their grades, how they are determined, and the best way to impact them in the month that remains in the semester. Students have been excited to see this snapshot of where they stand – and are taking a deep breath as they realize their grade and then settling themselves in to doing the work that will carry them through December 20. 

When you log on to MyHebron, you may also notice that you have another area that has gone live: also under the Progress tab, the Performance area has populated with the Mid-S1 Advisor Comment. Look here for information about your student’s journey through semester 1. 


Congratulations to seniors Bea Money and Kendell Tucker for their recognition as this month’s star Lumberjacks. Both Bea and Kendell have shown fantastic leadership, spirit, and sportsmanship on the field – Bea in soccer and Kendell in football. 


On Monday, Hebron shifts from the fall sports season to the winter. Students completed a winter sports and activity form for Mr. Brooks this week, so ask your student what activity they chose! 


If your student selected either the Ski Team or Recreational Skiing on their winter sports and activity form, please make sure to read the article below that highlights changing plans for our ski program and requirements for students and families. Please carefully read the information there! 


Now that it’s getting darker earlier, it’s important to know that there are a few spots on campus where day students can safely wait until parents come to pick them up. There are adults generally available in these spaces, but Hebron does not run an after-school care program. 

  • Students may sit and quietly study after their after-school activity in the Reading Room of the School Building until the building closes at 5:30 p.m.

  • Students may make use of the space in the WIlliams Center while it is open, usually while winter sports practices are occurring and into the evening. 

  • Dinner opens in the Sturtevant Home building at 5:30 for all students. Day students are welcome to come for dinner. 

Day students may not enter the dorm buildings at any time without express permission from a dorm parent. Do not plan on visiting boarding friends in the evenings. 


There are a few things to keep in mind as we head into the holiday travel season: 

  • As you get ready to travel, do you need your passport? If you are traveling out of the country, do you have a signed copy of your I-20? If you need help with finding either of these items, reach out to your dorm parents and Mr. Zach Hensley, who will be able to help you collect your documents for travel. 

  • Although next weekend (November 18, 19, 20) is marked as a closed weekend on Hebron’s calendar, Mrs. Applegate opened it up for travel at Morning Meeting this Thursday. Make sure to get any plans in by Wednesday next week! 

  • While we haven’t left for Thanksgiving yet, keep an eye out early next week for the WINTER BREAK TRAVEL FORM! We’ll be collecting the same information about travel in December that we need for Thanksgiving.

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