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Message from the Acting Head of School

Dear Members of the Hebron Community,

I am honored to represent the Hebron community as Acting Head of School. As an institution,  we are robust, leading into this next academic year having set new standards in record enrollment and fundraising. We continue to be student-centered and our focus this academic year is to provide each student with the best Hebron experience possible. Our faculty and staff remain the heart of our community and it is their passion for teaching and supporting our students that inspires learning and growth. Administrators and faculty have made significant investments in innovative curricula and programs that we look forward to sharing with our students. 

Every institution experiences change, and in Hebron’s 217-year history, there have been 53 Heads of School. Each change of leadership presents the opportunity for critical review and thought which effects positive and evolutionary change. This year will provide an opportunity for that review to take place as both the Board of Trustees and the school administration work to identify the best path for Hebron. As Hebron moves forward, look to us to continue to innovate, change, and grow. 

In this coming year, we will focus on the fundamentals of our mission: to inspire and guide students to reach their highest potential in mind, body, and spirit. In addition, we will work to strengthen our bonds based on respect for each and every member of our community. As our cities, towns and neighborhoods return to a sense of normalcy, we are optimistic about the upcoming year; our hope is that the year will begin with a return to the classes, sports and activities that our students have missed and culminate with a sense of accomplishment and well-being for all. 

So, Hebron is here for you. We, as faculty and staff, students, parents, alumni, friends and members of the Board of Trustees, have a responsibility to steward Hebron forward with courage, conviction and loyalty. Hebron is more than each one of us. It is all of us.

With respect and gratitude,

Mary Warner
Acting Head of School

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