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Our Staff

three faculty in graduation gowns wearing signs that read 'wisdom', 'truth', and 'right'
faculty with drink poses with boys
a lady addressing crowd of adults
teacher and student talk about art

We are excited for the 2019- 2020 academic year to begin! An updated staff directory will be coming soon!


Cheryl Tardif,

Student Health Center

Michael Tholen

Visual and Performing Arts Faculty

Jeff Thorpe

Maintenance; Locksmith

Fleur Vining

Student Health Center

Kevin Vining

Athletic Trainer; Science Faculty

Jessica Violette

Kelly Vradenburgh

Tiara Vradenburgh


Travis Vradenburgh

Barbara Waterman

English Faculty

Amory Weld

Rebekkah Willey

Music Faculty

Sara Wilmot

Visual and Performing Arts Faculty
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