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How Parents Can Empower Students To Navigate Social Media Positively

How Parents Can Empower Students To Navigate Social Media Positively
Laura Tierney, The Social Institute

Even in normal times, managing the impact of social media, and learning how to ensure a healthy relationship with it is an incredibly important aspect of growing up.  Now in these times of increased social isolation, it has become even more essential to our children's mental well-being. 

In our latest blog post, The Social Institute, - Hebron's social-emotional learning partner offers tips on how students can positively navigate social media in their lives - and how parents can support them.

According to Common Sense Media study: Students spend 9 hours consuming media each day!

7 Social Standards for Students

Here are ways that students can navigate social media and technology positively:

  • Play to Your Core
    • Reflecting our values, character, and interests in our actions online. 
  • Protect Your Privacy like you are Famous
    • Staying in control of our personal information.
  • Strike a Balance
    • Balancing our time and attention on tech with the people around us. 
  • Cyberback
    • Having each others’ backs and supporting each other online.  
  • Find Your Influencers
    • Surrounding ourselves with positive and credible influences.
  • Use Your Mic for Good
    • Using social media as a microphone to create meaningful change. 
  • Handle the Pressure
    • Finding your own path no matter the pressure from others.

7 Pro Tips for Parents

Reinforce the 7 social standards by reflecting on these pro tips and making them your own.

  • Embrace Their World
    • Understand how your child is being social today.
  • Practice Before Going Pro
    • Progressively ease children into technology rather than withhold access.
  • Win As A Team
    • Create and agree on family social standards to keep everyone accountable and on the same page.
  • Stay Steady
    • Aim to be consistent, and responsive, with the standards that are agreed upon.
  • Huddle Often
    • Build trust with frequent, informal conversations to check in with your child.
  • Respect Their Privacy
    • Analyze your privacy settings as a family and align those settings with your personal preferences.
  • Focus on the Do’s
    • Lead the conversation with do’s to focus on positive learning opportunities.

Watch the full webinar

Social-emotional learning is an important part of the Hebron experience. Our dedicated team of health and wellness experts is here to support our students, parents, faculty, and staff.

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