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Transitioning From Middle School to High School

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Middle School Team

Middle school is a stepping stone from the childhood classes of elementary school to the harder work and additional accountability of high school.

We know how complicated this step can be, so we've put together three tips for going into high school.

1. Practice Time Management Skills

One of the most important skills during the transition from middle to high school is effectively managing your time. 

At Hebron Academy, middle school students attend classes in blocks, letting you become accustomed to the personal responsibility of getting to your classes on time. Our residential living experiences also help students establish a healthy routine. 

Like all students, you may see increased workloads and new opportunities for time-consuming activities. You can help yourself adjust to this level of work and play by creating a consistent routine, even when you're at home for summer vacation and holidays. At the academy, our students abide by a predictable schedule that accounts for classes, extracurriculars, meals, social time, weekends and unique learning opportunities. Crafting a similar schedule when you're at home will prepare you to ease into your first year of high school.  

2. Explore Your Interests

High school opens a broad range of new activities for students to try. We encourage you to engage in various sports, art mediums and other extracurriculars to help you find an activity you love. During the transition from middle school to high school, many students find long-term activities they enjoy through graduation. 

Our middle school students have access to athletic and artistic opportunities offered at a high school level in later years. We provide a selection of extracurriculars that includes junior varsity and varsity sports, music, visual arts and performing arts. Our expansive, rural campus provides a safe environment where you can pursue the activities that call to you. 

3. Reinforce Your Support System

Transitioning to high school takes time. During the adjustment period, you need a support system that practices empathy and understanding. The people around you love you for your character, not your accomplishments or success.

During your residential experience, you will spend months away from home. However, as a Hebron student, you will have access to a network of faculty and staff who challenge and guide you. What's more, you attend class, eat, play, perform and live with your peers. Our students transition from middle school to high school together, and that shared experience makes the process easier. 

How Hebron Academy Prepares Students for High School and Beyond

At Hebron Academy, we offer a family-centered take on residential boarding schools. As a result, students enjoy support while learning about personal responsibility. Our competitive curriculums prepare you for the work you'll encounter in high school and encourage learning advanced time management skills early. Plus, extensive opportunities to pursue various extracurriculars introduce our student body to lifelong passions and new freedoms. 

Enjoy All Hebron Academy Has to Offer

Attending middle school on our campus makes transitioning to high school much less daunting. We invite you to explore the endless possibilities available at Hebron Academy.   


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