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Applying to Independent Schools during a Pandemic - An Insiders Guide

Applying to Independent Schools during a Pandemic - An Insiders Guide
Julie Middleton, Senior Associate Director of Admission

COVID-19 has impacted so many aspects of our lives - including traditional education, but independent schools like Hebron Academy with over 215 years of experience, are resilient and responsive. And, one thing we know for certain is students are resilient, too. 

We also know that students want to go to school. Some are worried about how their year ended last year and what their educational future might look like. They miss the routine, they miss the friendships, they want to continue to grow and explore, they want to feel prepared for college, university, and life. 

The question on many families' minds, is how to go about things - especially while social distancing and campus visits may still be limited. Here are some tips to help you navigate your search!

1) Know that the admissions process remains largely predictable in this uncertain time.

An application, an interview, transcript, recommendations, standardized testing (as available). Hebron admission officers are here to help through each step of the process! 

2) Researching schools has, in many ways, become easier and more accessible.

With limitations on travel, many schools have made their websites more robust to include Virtual Tours and videos that tell their story-- through the lens of students, teachers, parents, and alumni. We recommend that students check out these pages and see if they can see themselves there.

3) Many schools are approaching the situation with flexibility.

Schools that value fairness and equal opportunity understand that the more traditional ways of assessing students' achievements and potential is about much more than a test score or a transcript.  Those schools - like Hebron Academy - are the ones now making an even bigger effort to create an inclusive admissions experience for prospective students.  One where counselors considering applications take the time to really get to know the whole student - to understand their interests, their potential, and what makes them excited! 

4) Schools are offering a variety of ways to engage in their learning.

For some students, online learning works great, other students, not so much! For some students, travel right now is not possible. Look for the schools that offer the program that suits your student's needs. Hebron offers on campus, small class size learning as well as distance learning in real-time. 

5) The bottom line is it's your child's education!

And schools want to support them in their efforts to be their best.

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