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About Hebron

Hebron Academy was established in 1804 and is a school community with long-standing traditions, celebrations and school pride. It is also a school community that is inspired by making memories and by being innovative with teaching and learning. 

Mission Statement

At Hebron Academy, our mission is to guide students to reach their highest potential in mind, body, and spirit.

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At a Glance

1,500 acres of rolling countryside, an average of 12 students per class and a 100% college entry rate...

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Thank you for visiting our website, and I do hope you will plan to visit our campus soon and discover firsthand the great value of the Hebron experience.

At Hebron we strive constantly to consider what’s best for our students and our community

We continually adapt our teaching and innovate our programs to ensure we are presenting the best and most uniquely personalized educational experience for each of our students. My wife Courtney and I hope to welcome you personally to our campus soon.


Dan J. Marchetti

Hebron is truly a school and community on the move.

Our caring faculty are open-minded and share a commitment to life-long learning.

They are constantly seeking to adopt new programs and embrace new ideas, especially those generated by our students. At Hebron, we benefit from over 200 years of providing sound education for college and for life as we build a collective vision for the future that inspires our students as they grow here and anticipate the future.

While many aspects of Hebron set us apart from our peer schools, our exceptional faculty is a hallmark of what we offer. As a member of the Hebron community, you will be pushed to grow academically and to explore areas you feel passionate about. It won’t always be easy, but our faculty is dedicated to partnering with you on your journey and to providing you with encouragement, support, and guidance as you meet and exceed your expectations of what you ever thought was possible. Our high expectations for student achievement are grounded in our belief in you, and our commitment to your growth in all areas.

Our campus is a unique resource.

Its first-class academic facilities and labs are complemented by our state-of-the-art athletic facilities, fields, and trail system, which offers miles of biking, skiing, and running opportunities. We also have a mountain, two ponds, streams and acres of woodlands which become an entire ecosystem incorporated into our curriculum for both hands-on and project-based learning opportunities.

The cultural diversity of our student body is another strength of the Hebron experience.

We learn from each other's unique perspectives. As one student recently wrote, "Hebron is a place to be yourself. We are all so different and yet we all have so much in common." You will live, learn, play sports, create and grow together with students from all over the world, and in the process open your mind and eyes to the human qualities that bind us together.

This is an exciting time to be a Lumberjack.

Recently, the Albert Lepage Foundation established the Albert Lepage Center for Diversity at Hebron. The Kaneb Center for Science and Engineering now welcomes students to integrated laboratory spaces for project-based inquiry, and the recent addition of a turf surface for football, field hockey and lacrosse to the Dwyer Athletic Fields and the addition of new locker rooms and heated viewing pavilion at Robinson Arena support the continued excellence of our academic and athletic programs for years to come.

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