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  • Hannibal Hamlin

    Vice President under Abraham Lincoln; U.S. Senator from Maine; President of Colby College Board. Hamlin’s law desk from his Hampden, Maine office and several items from his personal library remain at Hebron.
  • John Brown Russwurm

    One of the first African-Americans to graduate from college in the U.S. (Bowdoin, 1826) and an early spokesman against slavery. Helped establish and edit the Freedom's Journal, the first newspaper in the United States owned, operated, published, and edited by African-Americans. Emigrated to Liberia where he was the first Superintendent of Schools, Editor of the Liberia Herald, Governor of the Maryland section of Liberia, and where he recruited African-Americans to settle.
  • John D. Long

    Attended Hebron Academy, Harvard University, and Harvard Law School. Was a lawyer, Massachusetts legislator, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, a Congressman, and then Secretary of the Navy under President McKinley. He was the President of Hebron’s Board of Trustees from 1912-1914. Long Cottage, which still houses two Academy families today, was built with funds received from Long’s estate. Long was the principal speaker at Hebron’s Centennial and at the dedication of Atwood Hall.
  • Honorable Eugene Hale

    U.S. Congressman and then Senator from Maine. Was a senior member of the legal firm Hale & Emery. U.S. Congressman from California.
  • Honorable George H. Merrill

    Minister to the Sandwich Islands.
  • Freelan O. Stanley

    Graduate, member of the Board of Trustees for 29 years, 26 as President. With his identical twin brother, F.E. Stanley, invented a photographic process sold to George Eastman (Kodak), invented and manufactured the famous Stanley Steamer automobile, and set a world land speed record in 1906. He also designed and built the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. He oversaw the establishment of the Estes Park Protective and Improvement Association, which eventually played an important role in establishing Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • Frederick R. Dyer 1894

    U.S. District Attorney for Maine.

Other Notable Characters

List of 7 items.

  • John Calvin Stevens

    Between 1890 and 1928, Portland’s renowned architect designed all of Hebron’s major buildings, including: Allen House (head of school’s house, in the shingle style), Sturtevant Building (main school building), Sturtevant Home (dormitory, dining hall, and gathering space), Long Cottage (faculty housing), Atwood Hall (dormitory and classrooms), and Stanley Building (admissions and external relations offices).
  • Stephen Emery

    Student, Preceptor; Attorney General of Maine.
  • Mark H. Dunnell

    Preceptor, Trustee; State Superintendent of Schools in Maine.
  • Rev. Samuel Francis Smith

    The author of “America” wrote Hebron’s hymn “Sow Ye Beside All Waters” for the dedication of Sturtevant Hall in 1891.
  • Danny MacFayden

    In 1941, this former Major League Baseball pitcher signed a contract to coach hockey and baseball at Hebron.
  • Jesse Owens

    The sprint star from the 1936 Olympics was the featured speaker at the Dwyer Fields dedication in 1963.
  • Frank Boyden

    Subject of John McPhee’s The Headmaster, published in 1966. Boyden was Headmaster at Deerfield Academy for 66 years and a Hebron trustee from 1945 until his death in 1972.
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