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Well. Balanced.

At Hebron, you'll develop your mind, body, heart and voice in every program, every class, every experience, and you'll see the return for the rest of your life.  

Physical, social and emotional health drive everything you accomplish. Through a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum complemented by a range of electives, we develop students who have a breadth of knowledge, who gain a greater understanding of themselves, and who have unbounded confidence ensuring lifelong curiosity and success.

Graduates leave Hebron well prepared for higher education in top colleges and universities.

Learn more about the Four Key Principles that guide our Academic Program:

Effective Communicators

We affirm each unique voice by shaping its articulation in writing, speaking, listening, and artistic expression.

At the core of this experience is our innovative four-year curriculum that systematically introduces, challenges, and inspires students as they experiment with different media.

Forming, stretching, and refining effective communication skills equips students to discover the power inherent in trusting both their views and voice while positioning them to participate in and contribute to life’s vibrant spectrum of opportunities.

Adaptable Learners

In a world characterized by dynamic innovation and unrelenting change, those who lead fulfilling lives must be curious, adaptable, confident, and resilient.

In presenting a comprehensive liberal arts and science program, we intentionally expose our students to many different styles of teaching, learning, assessing, expressing, and creating. Our faculty is empowered to explore new pedagogical methods in the classroom, to recognize student uncertainty and use it as a springboard for analysis and discussion.

Our students are encouraged to reach, try, fail, change, and grow. Our approach to inspiring adaptability in our students is purposeful, precise, and proven.

Responsible Citizens

Being connected, engaged, and open to new perspectives are the qualities today’s global citizen possesses and the ones we cultivate at Hebron.

We nurture empathy and a shared sense of responsibility to ensure that our students feel part of a worldwide community here on campus and beyond. We support them as they participate in educational, linguistic, and service experiences that foster awareness, promote environmental stewardship, and create opportunities to become accountable international citizens. We model and reward adopting a global lens to recognize and analyze multiple viewpoints on issues.

The Hebron experience is alive with avenues for students to share their varied backgrounds and experiences in order to expand their perspectives and enrich interactions with each other, the environment, and the world.

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Poised to Lead

Throughout their tenure here students acquire, cultivate, and hone leadership skills. We guide them in discovering how to identify their individual core values so they can leverage them to engage actively in the classroom, the community, and the world.

We recognize that leadership comes in many forms and encourage students to better understand themselves in order to develop their capacity to take purposeful initiative. Our academic program provides experiences that equip students to test their courage, rise to a challenge, take decisive initiative, learn from failure, face adversity, and embrace resiliency.

These characteristics inspire Hebron students to succeed here and in college and to lead lives of deliberate purpose and meaning for their own benefit and the benefit of others.

"I teach because I genuinely enjoy the kids. They make it fun and interesting everyday. And to teach and be truly be present, it requires a certain amount of creativity- looking at content and skill building in ways that suit the individual students in your class.  I see my learning style in them-- and know what it means to look at things in unique and different ways." 

College Bound

Hebron students go on to top colleges and institutions around the country and worldwide.

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