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Academic Support & Guidance

The intent of the Academic Guidance Center is to build a stronger and more independent student who is aware of their strengths and challenges. Students learn to manage their academic work, advocate for themselves and use academic tools and strategies to succeed. 

Our Mission

to Empower students to become personally accountable and engaged  in their learning and educational experience.


The Hebron Academic Guidance Center

Partnerships that engage students and enhance learning 

The Academic Guidance Center (AGC) is designed to support students with minor learning differences, possible academic gaps or insufficient study habits.

The AGC embraces a comprehensive approach to academic coaching, wherein each student receives support from a team of qualified faculty led by the AGC Director. Communication to the student's "team”- advisor, parents, teachers, dorm parent- is managed by an AGC Coach and is paramount to coordinated support. 

The Academic Guidance Center is principled on developing personalized academic strategies, academic confidence, and self-awareness to achieve identified, individualized goals and classroom success. 

The Academic Guidance Team

William Flynn

William Flynn

Director of the Academic Guidance Center; Basketball Coach
Ashley Paulson

Ashley Paulson

Wellness Coordinator, Girls' Varsity Hockey Coach
Amory Weld

Amory Weld

Assistant Dean of Students, Student Travel Coordinator, Academic Guidance Faculty, Assistant Coach: Boys Soccer, Boys & Girls Basketball, Baseball

Our AGC faculty take a personalized approach to supporting each student to develop the academic skills, independence, and confidence necessary to achieve success, both at Hebron and beyond. And, above all, it is the unwavering demonstration of care conveyed to each student, and the resulting strong relationships formed, that makes our AGC team most impactful.

General Academic Support