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Academic Guidance Program


The mission of the Hebron Academy Academic Guidance Center (AGC) is to empower students of all abilities to become academically independent and accountable. The AGC is principled on developing academic strategies, greater academic confidence and self-awareness.

Program Outcome

The intent of the Academic Guidance Center is to build a stronger and more independent student who is aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  Students learn to manage their academic work, advocate for themselves, and use academic tools and strategies to succeed.

How the AGC Works

Any student may enroll in the Academic Guidance Center for 2-4 days a week, though some are identified in the admissions process as likely to benefit from participation in AGC. Each AGC student is encouraged to have cognitive testing that is up to date or in the process of being updated. These results show the student's cognitive and analytical strengths, weaknesses and learning patterns, which will help AGC faculty and teachers plan and prepare to help them.

Students, parents, teachers, advisors, and the AGC staff all work together to help each student achieve academic success. Each student is assigned a team leader that coordinates communication, develops the learning plan, and ensures that the student’s learning profile is updated and used by teachers.

Students enrolled in the Academic Guidance Center are assigned a class period to work directly with the staff in AGC on improving executive function skills. Typically, Academic Guidance classes are taught one-on-one or one-on-two. Physical and online teaching tools, as well as collaboration with teachers, students and parents, are used to develop an individual student's curriculum. The AGC staff oversees and reports progress through recorded notes, communication with teachers and parents, and term and midterm evaluations. The student curriculum changes based on feedback from the student, teachers, or their term/midterm grades. Department developmental meetings, online resources and visit conferences are used in order to ensure that students are receiving up to date instruction while enrolled in the AGC.

AGC Program Fees


  • four meetings/week - $3,500 per trimester
  • three meetings/week - $2,800 per trimester
  • two meetings/week - $2,100 per trimester