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Academic Support & Guidance

Our Academic Support is Grounded in Relationships

Hebron’s approach to academic support is student-centered, strengths-based, grounded in relationships, and aligned with our academic principles and social emotional learning competencies.

Academic Guidance Center (AGC) coaches work to help students learn and develop academic skills and strategies, gain academic confidence, and improve self-awareness and self-advocacy skills. AGC coaches empower students to become stronger and more independent and are aware of their strengths and challenges. Students learn to manage their academic work, advocate for themselves, and use academic tools and strategies to succeed. Services available through the AGC complement the support students receive from their individual teachers and advisor.

The Hebron Academy Academic Guidance Center is staffed by a Learning Specialist with a background in sciences of learning for diverse and exceptional learners, academic coaches who support executive function needs, and student leaders who offer peer support. Our facility supports learning differences and disabilities, neurodivergent and trauma-informed academic support, and learning equity interventions. Our Academic Guidance center promotes student autonomy, student agency, and supports their growth and skills for college and life. 

Experience a Holistic Approach to Learning

Up to 4X

per week one-on-one meetings


Team Members in the Academic Guidance Center Team

Learning Supervision

during study hall

Executive Function

for all students



Communication with Faculty and Staff to support learning style

The Academic Guidance Center is principled on developing personalized academic strategies, academic confidence, and self-awareness to achieve identified, individualized goals and classroom success. 

"Our AGC faculty take a personalized approach to supporting each student to develop the academic skills, independence, and confidence necessary to achieve success, both at Hebron and beyond. And, above all, it is the unwavering demonstration of care conveyed to each student, and the resulting strong relationships formed, that makes our AGC team most impactful."

General Academic Support