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College Counseling

The College Counseling Office at Hebron Academy provides highly individualized attention to each student throughout the college search and application process.


Hebron college counselors know and understand their students thoroughly. They live on campus, serving in a number of capacities, and are able to interact with their advisees on many levels. One size, however, doesn’t fit all. Hebron Academy’s College Counselors work with academic advisors, students and their families on choosing the right academic courses, the range of higher education opportunities, and the ins and outs of the application process.

Formal college counseling begins in the junior year with an introduction to the steps needed to ensure a smooth and well-organized college search. Each junior meets individually with his or her college counselor throughout the winter and spring terms. Seniors continue to have individual one-on-one meetings throughout their senior year.

After they establish specific criteria, students can use resources in the College Counseling Office to help them identify appropriate schools. Ultimately, the schools to which a student applies will reflect his or her preferences, parental influence and the college counselor’s suggestions in accordance with the student’s personal, academic, and extracurricular record.

Hebron Academy also holds college application seminars during the Academy’s two Parents’ Weekends. Parents are invited to schedule individual conferences with members of the college counseling team. Counselors are in close contact with college admissions offices throughout the application process to ensure that Hebron Academy students receive every consideration.


Hebron Academy’s college counseling goals are:

  • To make the process of college applications a positive experience for not only students, but parents, too.

  • To help students take responsibility for the process.

  • To help students find the right “match” for their higher education.

Information for Colleges

We are delighted to invite college representatives to Hebron Academy throughout the fall to meet with our students and College Counseling Office. The majority of these visits will take place before school and during a student's free period. Hebron Academy also hosts a yearly college fair in May. If your college or university is interested in attending please contact Heidi Mosher, or at 207-966-5207.

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