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Learning Wherever We Are 

For Hebron Academy students the Distance Learning experience was one that lead to an increased sense of community and a continued depth and breadth of learning. 

Our approach allowed each one of our students - spread quite literally across the globe - to attend remote school with the confidence they would be both supported and inspired, and able to achieve their potential. 

We are excited to be preparing now for a return to campus based learning in the Fall, but we remain committed and fully prepared to offer an outstanding Distance Learning Experience for those students that are unable to return to campus. 

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The Hebron Experience - what was it really like?

We are so impressed with how prepared and organized all the faculty have been as well as with the maintenance of structure and accountability for the students.  We have talked with other people outside the Hebron community both in education and parents of students and their experience cannot compare.  We must say we are not surprised nor would we expect anything less from Hebron!

Art G. P'21

I have been really impressed by Academic Guidance Center’s efforts to continue to support students who can struggle even in the best environment.

What Hebron has organized virtually is way above and beyond what I thought was possible. 

 Claudia H. P' 21

I wanted to take a moment to extend gratitude to you and all of the Hebron Academy faculty and staff for the tremendous work that has taken place to prepare for and deliver a distance learning curriculum.  I am certain this is no small challenge for a school that so successfully delivers a very interactive academic experience. 

It is clear that there are many academic and social supports in place for the Hebron students who may need them in these trying times.  I never doubted it would be anything less than this, but please know that it speaks volumes to your dedication to our students and the Hebron community as a whole!

Tamara E. P' 23

Hebron Distance Learning Snapshot

Distance Learning - Expectations & Structure

Distance Learning - Practical Aspects