The resources you use for a report should include a variety of types of materials. These include databases, books, magazines, and teacher-approved websites.
You can go to the Resources Board on MyHebron to access full-text magazines, journals, encyclopedias and other reference materials through databases. These are not available through a basic internet search and offer valid, current information to which the school subscribes provides direct access. Each of the databases listed on the Resource Board has tutorials or instructions for effective searching. The Librarians are always happy to describe the specialty and demonstrate the use of each collection, as well as help get you started with your research.

Search the Library Catalog to find books that you may check out or use at the library.

Searching the Internet

When using the open Internet for research you must consider: Who sponsors the site? Are they an authority on the subject? Does the site present a point of view, opinion, or support a cause? How current is the information? When was the site last updated? No open Internet pages can be used as sources for your paper unless approved by a teacher.

Creating a Bibliography

You will need a bibliography or works cited page. Remember to gather the necessary information for this as you find your resources, including the title of the work, author, the type of source, the page number (if applicable), publisher, and date published. Most databases will create citations for you. For additional information and instruction, check out Noodle Tools or other citation generators, or ask the librarians.

Report Writing

A report must be in your own words. Read all the information you collect and think about what you have learned. Then write an outline to organize your thoughts. From this outline, synthesize what you have learned and present your ideas. There are reference materials available through the library that discuss research, formatting and the mechanics of writing a paper.
Always give credit to your sources. In order to avoid plagiarism, all information must be properly cited. Plagiarism is the act of presenting someone else’s work as your own. It is unethical and cause for academic disciplinary penalties. Ask your teacher which citation format is required for your paper.

Interlibrary Loan

You can access materials from libraries around the country through the Interlibrary Loan program. See the librarians for more information.
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