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Signature Programs

Milestones, traditions and new journeys are all part of the memorable moments we share at Hebron Academy. Here, we strive to provide you with opportunities for personal and academic growth beyond the classroom. Through our signature programs – and  beyond – you will be encouraged to explore a wide range of interests and reach your highest potential.

EDIE Pathway

Featuring an interdisciplinary curriculum, Hebron’s Engineering, Design, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (EDIE) program gives students the opportunity to solve multiple problems.

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Round Square

Hebron recognizes the strong connection between character education and academic success.

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The Maine Experience - Outdoor Education Program

There is something about having the ability to learn outside that truly changes your academic experience.

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Words Program

Our Words program develops this important lifelong skill and is tailored to each grade level. 

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Academic Guidance Center

 The Academic Guidance Center is meant to build a stronger and more independent student.

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