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Student Support

Student support is second nature at Hebron Academy.

It’s the small class size, the caring faculty, the welcoming philosophy and the mission of inspiring and guiding students to reach their highest potential. 

Every student has an advisor that they meet with regularly and interact with multiple times each week. The residence halls have live-in faculty who choose to make their home among the students to support healthy living in the dorm environment. The Health Center and Administrator on Duty are onsite or on-call 24/7. We have our students’ education, health, and well-being covered as they strive to reach new heights and achieve great outcomes. 

The support systems that I experienced were phenomenal. The advisory program  and availability of teachers and coaches helped me excel.  The "homey" feeling of Hebron made it easy to ask for help. Colin M. '15

Advisor Program

Each student has an advisor and is part of a small group that meets weekly and joins together for School Meeting and activities. The advisor supports his/her students with academic goal setting, course selections, and community service participation, and is there as a go-to for any questions or concerns that arise. We also believe in the benefits of a rousing game of Uno, the health benefits of hugs and the coming together over a plate of home-baked cookies. 

The advisor is the on-campus advocate, proud cheerleader, and student champion that helps students learn how to get the most out of every Hebron opportunity to enjoy a balanced life of academics and extracurricular activities. The advisor is also a liaison for the parents, there to help with questions and as a part of the regular trimester report communication. 

Health Center

Centrally located, the Health Center is not only a hub for good health, but a welcoming place for students who seek support through an onsite counselor or through licensed therapists who are available on campus for weekly appointments.

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Academic Guidance Program

Academic Guidance is a service for students who may have learning differences or executive function challenges.  Academic Guidance is requested in the admissions process or on an as needed basis. It is one-on-one or one-on-two academic coaching that helps a student gain the skills they need to be confident, accountable and independent learners. 

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Math Corner

The Math Department is here for you! Centrally located in Hupper Library, the Math Department offers extra help throughout the day, so if you have a free period and want some guidance with a homework assignment or test prep, here’s your chance! No registration necessary - just stop on by!

Writer's Block

Trouble with that creative essay, research paper or lab report? Get to Writer’s Block! Located in Hupper Library, advanced English students under the tutelage of English Chair, Dr. Oakes, provide support on getting that paper started or with guidance on the final push. You can do it and Writer’s Block can help ensure you are doing it well!