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Visual and Performing Arts

Students at Hebron have many rich opportunities to actively participate in creative exploration in both the visual and performing arts.As practicing artists, musicians, and actors, the arts faculty bring a high level of experience to studios and classrooms and inspire a culture of risk-taking, excellence and rigor of craft, and the freedom to find individual expressive voice.  Students and their work are celebrated frequently on campus during concerts and gallery exhibits and in other campus venues.  In addition, throughout the year visiting artists and musicians come to campus, and students also venture out into the larger community to perform and exhibit their work.

Introducing: Ensemble

Please note that this year chorus and orchestra will join forces and become a singular group that will focus on musical content beyond performance practice. Read more about this new opportunity below.

Arts Department Philosophy

The Hebron Arts Department is unique in its ability to engage students in divergent and critical thinking. Art lends itself to problem-solving and freedom of thought in both individual and group settings. Our goals are to:

  • Motivate students to discover new interests that focus on creativity rather than solely on technical achievement.
  • Foster critical thinking skills to answer questions that arise in art.
  • Importance of creative problem solving
  • Balance technical skills with conceptual knowledge
  • Create a safe space for all students
  • Encourage freedom of expression and working to build artistic confidence 
  • Promote inquiry-based learning to foster a deeper understanding
Music at Hebron

We offer a variety of classes and ensembles for all levels of musical experience as we feel strongly that music is for everybody. There is more to music than playing music, so we design our classes to teach students about music theory, music history, and music production.

Course Offerings & Opportunities

The Arts Department offers four AP courses: 

  • AP Art and Design
  • AP Drawing
  • AP 3D
  • AP Music Theory

Additional clubs and opportunities include:

  • Scholastic Arts 
  • Honors District Music
  • All-State Music
  • Tri-M
  • Etchings Magazine
  • Hebron Review (student publication)
  • Galley 302 Student Art Show
A Space for Every Artist

Arts facilities include:

  • Ceramic studio
  • Digital arts computer lab
  • The Fab (rication) lab
  • Designated 2D and 3D studios
  • Recording studio
  • Androscoggin Theater
  • Makerspace

Arts Courses

Please note that minimum enrollment is required to run classes.