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History and Social Sciences

The history department at Hebron Academy supports the premise that students need to have an understanding of the past in order to comprehend the present.The department believes that cultural awareness is critical to future interpersonal communication skills as the world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Teachers foster student literacy within the writing and discussing of historical concepts as well as guide students as they formulate and support their opinions in all modes of communication.

At Hebron Academy, we are fortunate to offer an array of history and social science courses. The foundations of these courses, coupled with the passions of the teachers, intend to inspire students to learn about the world in which we all live and appreciate the factors which brought us to this point in time.

History at Hebron

In the History Department, we inspire students to learn about the world in which we all live by understanding the past to help us comprehend the present and fostering cultural awareness as critical to future interpersonal communication skills in our increasingly interconnected world. 

Features, Highlights & Resources

Course & Club Offerings

  • AP US History
  • AP Psychology
  • Honors International Relations
  • Honors U.S. History
  • Honors World History
  • Model UN Team

Field Trips 

  • Annual Boston Freedom Trail
  • Exploration of the Lewiston Mill Complex

On-Campus Resources

  • Bell-Lipman Archives - Hebron’s own museum to help teach the history of the school’s community and connect students to the Hebron’s rich traditions
Student Highlights

We are pleased to celebrate the accomplishments of current and past students.
Model UN Award Recipients

  • Carlo Kobe - 2018 Outstanding Delegate Award
  • Lan Pham - 2018 Honorable Mention
  • Jasmine Li  - 2017 Honorable Mention

Harry Trask class of '12 Master’s Theology Yale '18

History and Social Science Courses

Please note that minimum enrollment is required to run classes.