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Science and Engineering

The Science Department members share their enthusiasm and interests to spark curiosity and to nurture and develop an interest in science.It is important for students to understand that science is a process for approaching problems and that the approaches used in science may be relevant to other situations in their lives. The department stresses to students how science is an ever-expanding body of knowledge and that ideas and theories are modified as scientists learn more. It is a dynamic field, not a static one!

Science at Hebron Academy

The Science Department strives to

  • provide students with a solid background in the life and physical sciences
  • spark curiosity for science and technology issues related to everyday lives
  • help develop more acute observational skills
  • prepare students well for college-level courses.
Science Facilities

Hebron's Science Facilities include:

  • Kaneb Center for STEM
  • Fabrication Lab 
  • Design Studio 1
  • Physics and Chemistry Labs
  • Human Biological Sciences Lab
  • Natural science “outdoor” classroom that is Hebron’s 1500 acre campus
Explore Unique Offerings

Hebron is pleased to provide student unique science opportunities:

  • Advanced Placement Courses 
  • Science Olympiad
  • EDIE Pathway
  • Independent science study research
    • AP options available

Science and Engineering Courses

Please note that minimum enrollment is required to run classes.