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Financial Aid FAQs

Our team is here to help. Please find answers to most frequently asked questions about Financial Aid at Hebron Academy. For questions specific to your family, feel free to contact the Office of Admission at 207 966 5225 or to schedule a call with our Director of Financial Aid. 

What does “need-based” financial aid mean?

Need is the difference between educational expenses — especially tuition and fees — and your family’s ability to pay those expenses.

How does the school determine financial need?

Completion of the Parents' Financial Statement in SSS provides an objective picture of how much a family can contribute toward education. After calculating the difference between family resources and school tuition and fees, Hebron evaluates financial need against available financial aid funds to grant an award for an accepted sudent.

When applying for Financial Aid the following information will be requested as part of the SSS application. 

  • Family size
  • Income from all sources
  • Savings, investments, and other assets (including home equity)
  • Children's assets
  • Indebtedness
  • Medical, dental, and unusual expenses.

Keep in mind that applying for financial aid does not guarantee that you will be eligible for assistance, and being eligible does not guarantee that financial aid will be available.

When is the financial aid application deadline?

Financial Aid applications received by February 1st are considered with priority for receipt of financial aid grants. Following the priority deadline, Financial Aid will be awarded based on availability of remaining financial aid resources. 

What if my 2019 W-2s and 1099s are not available by the deadline?

Please upload to SSS your 2018 documents and provide the 2019 documentation as soon as it is complete. 

When will I receive notification of my financial aid award?

Financial Aid awards are communicated at the time of the admissions acceptance decision for new students and in February for re-enrolling students.

Will my financial aid award change from year to year?

You can expect to receive the same financial aid award each year. Families must submit Financial Aid application and tax documentation each year to continue to receive the Financial Aid award granted.

Is financial aid available for international students?

Yes, Hebron is fortunate to have resources available for international students. International families should complete the SSS application or International Financial Aid Form in US dollars along with providing appropriate government documents to verify stated income and assets.

Does Hebron offer merit awards?

Yes, Hebron awards merit scholarships based on academic achievement, demonstrated leadership skills, extracurricular strengths and other criteria guided by the Academy. Merit scholarship awards average between $5,000 and $10,000 annually. Completion of the application is all that is required for consideration for Hebron’s merit awards by the Admissions Committee. If eligible, students may receive both need-based and merit-based aid.

How do we apply for Financial aid if parents are separated or divorced?

Hebron Academy expects that both parents will support their child with costs of attendance, and both parents are encouraged to complete a financial aid application.

How do I know if I will qualify for financial aid?

If you feel that you’ll need financial assistance to attend Hebron, we encourage you to apply. Each family's situation is different, however more that fifty percent of families at Hebron receive some form of financial assistance. 

Our team is here to support you throughout the process and answer questions specific to your family. If you would like to set up a Financial Aid consultation call, please contact us at  (207) 966 5225