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International Applicants

Since our opening in 1804, Hebron Academy has valued its international students, who share cultural traditions, initiate conversations about cultural differences and similarities, and advance global understanding. We believe that to succeed in education, students and faculty must not only build strong relationships founded in intercultural understanding, but also experience it. Part of that experience comes with interacting with students from across the globe, which is why we are proud to welcome international students to Hebron.

Our international students gain a comprehensive education at a top American secondary school, and our domestic students benefit from the presence of classmates from around the world. A class discussion, dorm meeting or team practice can be transformed when students from different backgrounds share their perspectives and exchange stories from their unique experiences. After graduation, with more than 1,000 alumni in 25 countries around the world, our students are virtually guaranteed to connect with a Hebron alum wherever their career path may take them.

Steps to Apply:

1. Interview

The interview is required. We realize it is not possible for all applicants to visit our beautiful campus. We are happy to arrange Whatsapp, SKYPE or FaceTime interviews.

Please call the Admission office at 207-966-5225 or    e-mail us at to make arrangements for an interview. 

2. TOEFL Results

A recent TOEFL result is required of all students for whom English is a second language. Please ask a Hebron Admission Representative if you have questions about testing requirements.

Resources for International Students

International Student Orientation

Each year, Hebron coordinates an orientation program designed for new incoming international students to meet other new international students and become familiar with Hebron’s campus, community and culture before the other students arrive.

New international student orientation is required for all new international students, and is open to other new students who identify as being an international student, such as students with U.S. citizenship who live outside the United States, students with dual citizenship and students who have a green card or who are permanent U.S. residents.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The English for Speakers of Others Languages (ESOL) Program at Hebron Academy integrates listening, speaking, reading and writing. Cultural heritage and previous language experience of the international students are celebrated in our multidimensional and diverse program.

New international students must complete proficiency testing on campus prior to placement in any courses, ESOL or otherwise. Proficiency testing, prior academic records, and other factors are used to determine course placement. Hebron's course offerings include ESOL curriculum in the disciplines of English and Literature, Mathematics, Sciences and History. 

The three levels in the ESOL program—Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced—are designed to meet the needs of a variety of students and allow greater flexibility in their transition to the academic learning environment and social environment.


Faculty and staff serve as advisors for international students in the Hebron community and work to promote understanding and appreciation of foreign cultures and languages. We organize homestays with local families when students are unable to travel home during school breaks, providing an opportunity for international students to connect with Hebron community families and to experience American cultures and holidays.

Cultural Learning and Celebrations

As part of extracurricular activities, clubs and on campus events, students share customs, traditions and cultural differences in ways that support learning, peer connections and friendships and provide new perspectives for both international and domestic students alike.

In addition, Hebron Academy invites speakers to talk about current events, global issues, conflict resolution, and health and well-being for students living in a diverse community. 

Highlight events include the international festival of food, film and celebratory traditions coordinated by students for the full campus community. 

Round Square

Hebron Academy has long supported an egalitarian school community. In 2018, to further support our initiatives around global awareness and learning, Hebron became a Round Square school. Round Square schools (over 200) are centered around six principles - the IDEALS - which mesh seamlessly with Hebron’s academic principles and our commitment to global awareness and service learning. As an international community with an emphasis on critical thinking and communication, Hebron sees valuable opportunities for exchange, new relationships and open dialogue around global issues. Learn More about ROUNDSQUARE