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At Hebron we believe school is a time of discovery, of growth, of discussing different points of view, and of discovering new passions and new talents.  It is a time when you can push yourself out of your comfort zone and know that the community around you will always be there to catch you if you fall - and build you up so you have the confidence to try again.

Hebron opens up new doors, provides new opportunities, and gives you the chance to truly Find Your Purpose.

We could give you a hundred different reasons why we believe that Hebron Academy is an awesome school, but you've probably heard many of them before. Instead, we'll leave that job to the people who really matter - our students.

Not All Schools Are The Same

When deciding to go to Hebron, I was nervous to enter a new and unfamiliar environment but everyone was so kind and friendly and I immediately felt comfortable. The coaches and teachers pushed me to achieve both academically and athletically and helped me to become the independent person I am today. I am humbled and grateful for Hebron and the life long memories I will cherish forever.  Teneal Perry '15, Endicott College '19
Halifax, Nova Scotia


I was able to accomplish my short term academic, athletic, and college goals while also pursuing lifelong relationships and memories. I loved being so connected to nature and all that Maine has to offer, and Hebron gave seemingly unlimited opportunities for those pursuits. But perhaps the most significant reason that I would recommend Hebron is the people. I will undoubtedly stay in contact with many of the individuals I met at Hebron, as some of them have become my closest, future life-long friends. Ben Bryce, Boarding Student Class of 2018
Vanderbilt University '22

Throughout four years at Hebron, I learned to be a teammate rather than just compete and contend.I learned from warm-hearted people so that I could overcome homesickness and thrive. At Hebron, I wasn't just an international student from “away,” but a Hebronian. There are definitely unexpected aspects of attending a small school with a big community: I doubt I could be the same person I am today if had gone anywhere else. 

Seung Yeon "Sean" Kang '11

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