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Athletics Recap Week of December 6, 2021

Boys Varsity Basketball: 47 Kents Hill - 46 Hebron

Hard fought loss in the first game of the season for Boys Varsity Basketball. The Jacks played an aggressive KHS side and struggled to find offense in the first half, scoring a total of just 15 points. They rallied in the second, outsourcing Kents Hill by 10 points and tying the game in the final minute. A late foul and converted free throw by Kents Hill ended up being the difference. Hebron hosts Gould on Wednesday, December 15th in its final game before winter break.

Boys JV Basketball: 65 Gould Academy- 17 Hebron

The Boys’ JV Basketball took to the court for its first game in a long time. With a young team made up of 8 Junior Division athletes and 5 Upper School athletes, they battled against a stronger, taller and better coached team. The Jacks are learning as we go and will only get better each day, week and game!

Girls Varsity Ice Hockey: 3 NYA- 0- Hebron

The Girls’ Varsity Hockey team kicked off their 2021-2022 season with a home opener against North Yarmouth Academy. The girls battled hard through three periods and showed true grit and determination. Goaltenders: Mya Tucker and Elizabeth Madden played a vital role in the girls’ efforts as they made countless saves. However, North Yarmouth Academy prevailed with a 3-0 win over the ‘Jacks. 

Spring Sports Are Coming!

Despite today’s winter weather, the seasons are steadily changing and the outside temperature will continue to climb. While the Hebron community has made the most of the snowfall in our area this trimester, we are excited to step back onto our athletic fields in the coming weeks and play the first full spring season since the 2018-19 academic year.

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