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Spring Sports Are Coming!

Despite today’s winter weather, the seasons are steadily changing and the outside temperature will continue to climb. While the Hebron community has made the most of the snowfall in our area this trimester, we are excited to step back onto our athletic fields in the coming weeks and play the first full spring season since the 2018-19 academic year. Hebron has a variety of fun and challenging activities led by experienced coaches and activity leaders. Our spring after-school activities include: Baseball, Lacrosse, Spring Fitness, the Spring Show, Softball, Tennis, and Track & Field. A brief synopsis of each offering is below:

Baseball: The varsity baseball team will be helmed by Mr. Powers and Mr. Weld. The team will focus on skill development, baseball IQ, and employing the strategies that will put you in the best position to win games while playing a competitive schedule. There will also be a “learn to play” option led by Mr. Gaug that will serve as an introduction to the sport of baseball and teach players the fundamentals of America’s pastime.

Lacrosse: Termed “the fastest sport on two feet,” lacrosse is an exciting option for a spring activity. Hebron looks to build on our students love for the game with passionate coaches (Mr. Brooks runs the boys program and Ms. Leist guides the girls program) that will find creative ways to develop the skills of their players and prepare them to make an impact during games.

Spring Fitness: Spring fitness is an opportunity for our students to focus on their overall health and well-being by spending time working out in the weight room, running on track, and playing a variety of intramural sports. The activity will be led by Mr. Santos and Ms. Van Buskirk, who look forward to sharing their love of sports, exercise, yoga, and more!

Spring Show: A wide-ranging production that encapsulates students of all talents and abilities. You don’t have to be an extrovert to be involved in the spring show, as there are opportunities for everyone to contribute on stage or behind the scenes. It will be led by a trio of faculty members (Ms. Alt, Mr. Babcock, McArthur) with decades of experience and the ability to add fun and humor to every act.

Softball: Hebron’s softball team will be coached by Dr. Tobey and Ms. Dube. Whether you have played softball your whole life or are picking up a glove for the first time, the coaches are focused on the overall development of each player and finding a role that maximizes the contribution of everyone on the roster. 

Tennis: Hebron tennis will develop each player’s consistency, stamina, and knowledge of the sport as they compete with some of the best teams in our region. Both the boys and girls programs will have varsity and junior varsity teams, allowing for players of any skill level to play tennis and have fun getting better! Dr. Trautz will oversee the boys program and Mr. Bonis will steward the girls program.

Track & Field: Led by Mr. Lundblade and Ms. Southard, Track & Field will build the endurance and all-around skills of their athletes. The Track team will compete in weekly events culminating in the MAISAD Championship and hopefully a chance to compete at the New England Championship!

The first day of spring activities is Tuesday, March 1st. If you have any questions, please contact Caddy Brooks ( or Amo Weld ( Let’s go Jacks!

This Week in Athletics

We have our first athletic competitions of the 2022 year on Friday with Girls Varsity Soccer and Boys Varsity Soccer both taking on Berwick at home at 4:45pm. Girls play on The Allen Field to kick off their season while the boys will be on one of the upper deck fields.

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Winter Athletics and Activities Indication Form (Updated)

We are getting really exited for students to be back on campus and for fall sports to be in full swing.  With that being said, we would like to start getting an idea of what sport/activity you will be interested in doing this winter.  If you could fill this form out by 09/01 that would be great.

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Fall Sports Packing List

Please see the fall after-school activities packing list and come to campus with these items to ensure you are ready to participate in your sport or activity. If you do not bring the items necessary to participate in an activity, you will miss valuable time at the start of the year as you wait for those items to get shipped to campus. Make sure you come prepared and ready to contribute to the sport or activity of your choosing!

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