Being a Lumberjack

At Hebron the pursuit of academic excellence finds its corollary in the pursuit of athletic excellence, and participation in organized sports forms an integral part of every student’s Hebron experience.

Hebron athletics have been a tremendous part of my life for the past three years. My teammates and coaches have given me some of the best memories of my high school experience. The atmosphere around athletics at Hebron is a phenomenal feeling. There is so much love and support for athletes.Thekla Jubinville

There is something truly special about being on a sports team here. By being on a sports team at Hebron you create uniquely close relationships. The friends you make on a team last throughout your time at Hebron. Sam Gumprecht

As I was preparing to run the Boston Marathon this year, I reflect back with gratitude to Hebron Academy; specifically my former coaches. The Academy and its passionate teachers and coaches instilled in me the respect for sports and an ongoing drive to achieve.Nick Solverel ’00

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Our Athletic Facilities

From Hockey to Soccer, Lacrosse to Football, Sometimes it really does matter how good your training facilities are...

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Athletic Team Opportunities

From Varsity to Recreational there are year round athletic opportunities for every Hebron student. 

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Athletic Health

Strength & conditioning and qualified Athletic Trainers - we have a comprehensive program on campus

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Lumberjack News

Check out the latest news from our athletes in The Lumberjack Ledger

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