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Lacrosse Boys JV

At Hebron Academy, the junior varsity lacrosse team has been a popular after school activity in the spring, as it is well known in the school community that all players regardless of experience and skill level are welcome and encouraged to participate. There are several goals at the JV level that the coaches instill in the players. Respecting officials, opponents, teammates, and the rules of the game are paramount. Individual skills, team play, and the complexities of the game are taught daily, and athletes look back at the season and often marvel at their individual growth as well as the overall improvement of the team.

It is the goal of the coaches to make sure each individual player understands their position, their role on the team, and that each player participates in both games and practices and feels a part of the team. Many JV players move on to the varsity level and become impact players on that team. The JV schedule consists of 12 games primarily in the MAISAD (Maine Independent School League), and the season ends with a JV MAISAD tournament which Hebron has won eight times in the last ten years.