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Soccer Girls JV

The Hebron girls junior varsity soccer program fosters both skill development and physical conditioning along with camaraderie on and off the field. Our JV team often comprises a wide range of talent and experience, and yet they all strive to hone their skills and work collaboratively in order to define their success. These girls take pride in wearing the green and the white - representing their school and each other with confidence and fair play.

Hebron soccer competes in the MAISAD league as well as with other independent schools in the region.

Athletics Roster

Name Class
Nasra Abdilahi 2022
Daniela Amiga 2022
Sia Anthony 2024
Mimy Benarroch 2022
Olivia Caggiano 2022
Alejandra Fernandez-Vega Rocafort 2024
Anna Frumiento 2024
Noga Marom 2024
Ines Martinez 2023
Katherine Weber 2022



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Alumni Success at the Next Level

We are proud to see our student athletes compete at the collegiate level!