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Soccer Girls Varsity

The Hebron Girls Soccer program is dedicated to making our athletes the best they can be. Along with training hard on the pitch, the athletes will also learn to become a family; one unit working together to achieve higher standards both on and off the field. They will learn that victory does not come from winning or losing, but from the effort they put forth, to paraphrase the great John Wooden. Creating personal and team goals prior to the season will give them something to work towards all year. Along with learning skills and tactics, the Lumberjacks will gain an understanding of what it takes to be a champion. Champions understand that the individual is not more important than the team. Champions also learn from mistakes and never give up. Our program instills hard work, dedication, family, and the values of a true champion!

The team competes in the MAISAID league and in NEPSAC’s Class D. They have had a successful time over the past decade. Competing against most of the teams in the strong Lakes Regions, they also play tough teams from NEPSAC’s Class C. They last won the MAISAD title in 2016 and reached the NEPSAC Class D final. The following season they made the NEPSAC Class D tournament while winning 11 games that season. The Lumberjacks look to bring back and continue that winning tradition!

Athletics Roster

Name Class
Marta Alzueta Garcia 2024
Marta Assum 2024
Maria Balli 2024
Belle Beauchesne 2025
Lily Beauchesne 2023
Mariola Castellano Iglesias 2024
Maria Jose Elias Castello 2024
Emma Frumiento 2025
Kathryn Greene 2025
Julia Gregory 2022
Victoria Jeronimo Ramirez Corte 2024
Elizabeth Madden 2024
Abigail McDonald 2023
Beatrice Money 2023
Emma Newell 2022
Dana Marian Patino Valdivia 2023
Natalia Perez Jolyt 2024
Lillybeth Randall 2022
Sofia Rivero Alvarez 2024
Daniela Sahar Blanco 2024
Ana Paula Soto Garcia Belina 2022
Hannah Sullivan 2024


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Alumni Success at the Next Level

We are proud to see our student athletes compete at the collegiate level!